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The First 3D Endoscope Thyroid Surgery in Hubei Province is Applied Successfully

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    Wearing the special 3D glasses, the doctor, assistants and nurses fix their eyes on the 3D screen. In their hands are the most advanced ultrasound knife and other endoscope surgical instruments. The doctor raises the knife and makes a cut, and then the thyroid tumor is removed. The above is the live surgery.

    On July 7th, the first 3D endoscope thyroid surgery in Hubei Province was carried out successfully in HBCH. Patient Ms Lan has been discharged from hospital upon recovery.

    Ms Lan, 23 years old, suddenly found a two-centimeter mass in her right neck. The mass was pathologically confirmed as malignancy in her hometown, Yicheng. And the local doctor advised her to receive open surgery, however, there would be scars in her neck. Ms Lan minded the scars very much, so she transferred to HBCH and wished she could recover without any scar. Jialin He, M.D., was her doctor.

    After detecting carefully, Doctor He decided to carry out the second surgery by 3D endoscope for Ms Lan. There are three difficulties in this surgery. First of all, the neck doesn’t have the cavity gap as chest or enterocoelia. It needs to build a subcutaneous tunnel. Moreover, this tunnel couldn’t be too wide or too narrow. Secondly, recurrent laryngeal nerve is very delicate and could be easily broken. If so, the patient’s voice will be hoarse. Thirdly, parathyroid glands are easily cut by mistake which would result in the convulsion because of calcium deficiency or low calcium. “Using 3D endoscope in the radical treatment for thyroid tumor and applying the second endoscope surgery in a very short time is the first case in the whole Hubei Province,”Doctor He said,”we already have rich practical experience. Moreover, the 3D endoscope makes the surgery more exact and efficient. Ms Lan was discharged from hospital with clear voice, no scars, and no convulsion, which means the curative effect is very well.”