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The 40th Anniversary of Hubei Cancer Hospital and Art Performance

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    At 14:30 on Nov. 22, the 40th anniversary of Hubei Cancer Hospital(HBCH) and Art Performance were held in the auditorium, based on the principles of simplicity and pragmatism. More than 700 people, including all hospital leaders, retirees and workers, attended the celebration. Part secretary Renchong Hu chaired the celebration and Dean Shaozhong Wei made an important speech.

    Dean Shaozhong Wei reviewed the passed 40 years of development course of HBCH. During these 40 years, we hacked our way through difficulties, took the path of self-reliance and have been keeping innovation and development. It was a memorable and fruitful 40-year. He depicted the grand blueprint of the Second Pioneering of HBCH. Moreover, he repeated to give highest respect and best wishes to the staff who have been working diligently and conscientiously, fulfilling their duties faithfully and energetically, and contributing selfless on the ordinary positions, to all previous leaders, experts and retirees who contributed to the construction and development of HBCH, and to the community who have been concerning and supporting HBCH.

    Part secretary Renchong Hu stressed that facing the past achievements and glory, and standing at a new historical starting point, we must continue to spur and motivate ourselves to face the future, innovate and develop, accomplish our mission and keep moving.

    Old comrades representative Yongrong Mao, young doctors representative Huiting Xu and nurses representative Ting Zhang all made statements that they are very proud to be one member of HBCH and will try their best to contribute to the future development of HBCH!

   After the speech, everyone enjoyed the art show held jointly by leaders and the staff. There were recitation, dance, songs, musicals, comedy, music performances, etc., to enjoyably celebrate the 40th birthday of HBCH.

   Looking back, we have all sorts of emotions! Looking forward, we are full of pride! We will always bear in mind our responsibility, strive to create a more brilliant future, depict the new blueprint and write a new chapter with more enthusiasm, hardworking, pragmatic style, higher morale, with first-class management, service, technology, team and environment, and with high sense of responsibility and mission!